Thursday, 8 March 2018

Pizza On The Bottom Half Of A Roll

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Pizza On The Bottom Half Of A Roll

Broil or toast the bottom half of the roll.  Add about a tablespoon of the tomato sauce of your liking or choice.  Top and dress with your favorite toppings along with cheeses.  Return to the oven and broil or toast again.   Serve accordingly along with salads.

Another terminology for this could be called open face sandwiches.  However, we are calling it Pizza.

In these particular photos the toppings are tomato sauce, onions, left over dinner baked chicken and three cheddar cheeses mix.  Served with squash and roasted potatoes.

The craft represented here is that you can transform a roll to resemble or be like a pizza.  "Creative Cooking"

Rolls used were Egg Dinner Rolls from Brunswick Street Bakery in Bermuda.

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